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Common problems many guitarists and bassists encounter with their instrument’s performance:

  • Fret or string buzz
  • Bends choke out
  • Notes die out too soon or don’t ring at all
  • Uncomfortable playing action
  • Fret Wear
  • Bad intonation even when adjusted at the saddles
  • Guitar used to play great
  • Great guitar but has never really played great
  • Fingerboard issues such as twist, humps, dips, and rising tongues
  • Prefer a different fret width, height or material

Solutions Crossroads Guitar Shop can offer with our PLEK PRO system:

  • Less or no buzz and bends that don’t choke out
  • Easier and cleaner playing action
  • Perfect neck relief for your playing style
  • Like new, polished frets perfectly leveled and crowned
  • Advanced fret dress with built in fall away for pick attack and low action
  • Choice of straight or compounded radius to push the final setup
  • Guitar setup to handle your exact personal needs
  • Consistent intonation throughout entire fretboard
  • Before and after record of guitar measurements and graphs
  • Re-frets get the same precision level of advanced and customizable milling techniques on the fingerboard prior to new frets being installed and Plek’d, giving way to the ultimate level in consistency of fret height and intonation throughout the entire fretboard


State of the art: (sometimes cutting edge) refers to the highest level of general development, as of a device, technique, or scientific field achieved at a particular time.

PLEK is the most state of the art tool for measuring a guitar along with the highest level of:

  • Fret dressing
  • Nut cutting
  • Saddle cutting
  • Fingerboard planing & radiusing
  • Fret slot cutting
  • Nut pocket routing
  • Saddle slot routing
  • Bridge pin hole marking
  • Dot marker & Inlay routing

PLEK is among the best


See for yourself why some of the top repair shops, luthiers and guitar makers are using Plek. Including:  

Santa Cruz, Suhr, Collings, Gibson, Martin, Joe Glaser, Mike Lull, and TJ Thompson.


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The Technical “Stuff”:

The Plek Pro is an integrated tool which uses a scanning module that consists of a sensor finger combined with a high-resolution magnetic linear encoder. In English, this means it takes extremely precise and accurate measurements, at 0.00004” tolerance to be exact, all while the guitar or bass is under string tension and then populates the information into different numerical and graphical representations. With the data, we can see exactly how the fingerboard is reacting under each individual string as well as the measured relief from any fret point, the exact fret height under each string at every note position, the exact radius at the 1st, 12th and last fret and the nut and saddle action from any fret point. All this can be juxtaposed against an ideal curvature of the neck specific to your individual needs including: string gauge, tuning, and target action.

Proper neck adjustments are then made by the tech and the guitar is re-scanned until optimal relief is achieved. Then, a virtual fret dress can be manipulated to determine the best fret dress scenario. This software gives us the foresight to see exactly how much fret or fingerboard material will be removed at every note position, the ability to keep or compound the radius and to add or improve upon the fall away. This insight allows us to determine if the fret dress would benefit from compensating the neck adjustment or if the frets would be too low after the dress before ever attempting it. When milling fingerboards this foresight is extremely valuable particularly when working with vintage instruments that have Brazilian Rosewood or a thin, radiused veneer. Finger grooves can even be left in the wood if desired to keep the instrument looking its age but still be perfectly planed.

Once the tech has decided on the dress that the Plek will execute, the strings are removed from the guitar and it is re-scanned to determine how the neck reacts without string tension. Then, a specially manufactured carbide cutting wheel levels and crowns the frets with 0.0001” accuracy or for planing the fingerboard a diamond down cut bit is used. After milling, the instrument is strung back up and scanned to ensure it meets Plek profile quality.

Following the Plek process, we setup the instrument to your desired specs and push it through its paces to ensure it will perform and meet your expectations. Then, any protruding tangs or sharp edges are smoothed out and the frets are hand buffed and polished. The fingerboard is conditioned and new strings are put on and intonated. At this point, your instrument will play better than it ever did new. There is also a record to always check your guitar against, because wood will react to its environment. These records can also help with determining the target action you wish to have for other instruments, too.

Timpe lapse of A full Plek Pro Complete process:

is it guaranteed?


Not only can you feel the difference, you will be able to see the record of the difference. Your guitar doesn’t leave our shop until you are completely satisfied with the results, and sometimes, we need to make some final tweaks to achieve that. We do our best to effectively communicate that your expectations can be achieved before you leave your instrument with us. We are fully confident that we can make any guitar play the best that it possibly can, and we have met those needs for many of the most discriminating players. We also know when someone’s desires are beyond the laws of physics or their expectations seem insatiable, and in such cases, we will graciously decline our services.

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About Me

Aaron Keener – Owner

I’ve been operating the Plek Pro since July of 2007 when it arrived in the first month I started working at Crossroads Guitar Shop in Falls Church, VA. The experience has given me a rare and unique insight of the physics and geometry of guitar necks and string motion. I’ve witnessed the evolution of the capabilities of the Plek solely through software updates and modular tool changes. I am a perfectionist that believes in slow and steady processing and I prefer to do things once, the right way. I strive to provide the highest and most profound level of service and to achieve unparalleled fret work, which is the single biggest factor in play-ability.

For over a decade now, musicians, builders & manufacturers, even other techs and guitar shops, have brought their instruments to me because they know I can achieve the highest level of play-ability. I have been able to breathe new life into many troubled instruments that other luthiers/techs did not want to touch. The PLEK allows me to know, without any doubt, if an instrument can or cannot be leveled or planed properly before any failed attempts to repair happen which could ruin or devalue an instrument. I’m constantly studying and striving to improve my craft and ensure my services exceed the high expectations my customers have, hold or assume of me. My extensive study in many styles of playing allows me to properly “test drive” (the fun part) any guitar and ensure a reliable, durable setup.

Born and raised in the D/FW area of Texas, I’m a self-taught guitarist and was granted scholarships to study music and audio engineering (which I received an Associate of Applied Science degree in both as I wanted to be Jimmy Page). I’ve been performing live since 1997 and teaching since 1998. I’ve worked as a freelancer and an employee for recording studios, performing arts schools, guitar shops, original and cover bands and myself as a solo artist. My repair skills developed over this time in my passion for excellence in everything guitar related, and it all eventually brought me to where I am today, owner of Crossroads Guitar Shop.

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