The Mountain States Exclusive Plek Pro Service Provider!

Shipping Your Instrument for Service:

Crossroads Guitar Shop has the only Plek Pro for close to a 1,000 mile radius. We have many satisfied customers shipping guitars for service work to us from all 6 surrounding states and beyond including several from California as well as the continued loyalty of 10 years worth of happy customers from when we were back in the D.C. area. Please fill out the form for a detailed shipping quote, and feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have. After you approve the quote, we will email a shipping label. Once we receive your instrument, we must have a phone (not email) conversation to effectively communicate your playing style and service needs. When we are ready to return your instrument, we will await for your payment to process. This can be done over the phone with a credit card, or we can send a PayPal invoice. We always ship insured and with signature required unless you choose not to. Our best rates are with UPS, but we do have discounted rates with FedEx, too.

How to Properly and Safely Ship Your Instrument

First of all *NO STYROFOAM PEANUTS!* Not only do they not protect your instrument, they’re a bloody mess!

It’s quite simple really. Make sure the instrument does not shake or move in its case at all, and then, make sure the case does not shake or move in the shipping box. Even in a solid case, it’s not a bad idea to wrap the headstock with bubble wrap or newspaper. It’s not necessary to loosen the strings unless you are shipping by air, then it is a must. When the instrument is secured and not moving in the case when you shake it, it’s ready to box. Wrap the case in bubble wrap or cardboard and use extra cardboard or hard foam for the case to sit on at the bottom of the box and to place on top of the case before closing up the box. Stuff around the case with paper or air pillows until it doesn’t move when you give the box a good shake. Tape up the box securely, slap on the label, remove any old labels and write “FRAGILE” on every side.