Plek Pro Complete


Get your guitar or bass playing the absolute best it possibly can!

  • Plek quality neck adjustment for you personal playing style, string gauge and tuning
  • Frets milled to 1/10,000″ accuracy
  • Full and thorough setup, see specs below

*This is for the base price that many guitars and basses will only need. Please see our service pricing page for full details on guitars with stainless steel frets, floating trems and neck shims, etc… Any additional setup charges will be confirmed with you prior to commencing work and payment will be required upon pickup or shipment. Thank you



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PLEK setup for electric and acoustic guitars and basses:

  • Acclimate guitar to proper humidity
  • PLEK measurement and diagnostic scan
  • Proper truss rod adjustment to achieve PLEK Pro profile
  • PLEK quality fret dress
  • Nut slots setup
  • Saddle/bridge setup
  • File sharp or protruding fret ends
  • Buff & polish frets
  • Clean & condition fingerboard
  • Tighten & lubricate hardware/loctite where needed
  • Check/clean electronics/minor solder touch ups
  • Change strings*
  • Adjust pickup height (electrics)
  • Intonate using Peterson Strobe
  • Clean & inspect
  • Clean case

*New strings must be provided or purchased separately


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