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Fender Bassman Head 1968


This amp is fully functional,  every channel, switch and pot works perfectly and it’s the AB165 circuit, 50 watt pure tone-in-a-box. Has had the common three prong cord upgrade and looks to have been fully serviced last in 2005. We did spray and clean all the pots/connectors and clean the whole thing up as best as possible. The adhesive from a piece of gaffe tape will not come off, we tried several products and had no luck, but it isn’t sticky at all. Overall in good shape for a 50 year old amp. Has the back panel still which seems to disappear on many of these. Please ask us any questions you may have prior to purchasing, thank you.

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Fender Bassman Head 1968:
Condition: Good (Used)
Brand: Fender
Model: Bassman Head
Finish: Silverface
Categories: Guitar Heads
Year: 1968
Made In: United States