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1970 Fender Bandmaster/Super Reverb 1×15 Combo

$1,250.00 $1,149.00

Excellent sounding amp with an interesting backstory. This amp started out as a 1970 Fender Bandmaster and was converted to a black faced Super Reverb with 15 inch speaker, essentially turning it into something closer to a Vibroverb. Great, loud, clean amp to get you closer to that SRV tone! The 15 inch Weber rings like a bell with the classic vibrato and reverb vintage Fender’s are known for. Here’s your chance to own a unique classic for such a small investment.

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1970 Fender Bandmaster/Super Reverb 1×15 Combo

Tubes: 6L6 x2

Watts: 40

Weight: 54.4lbs

Speaker: 15” Weber California