1968 Fender Telecaster w/Parsons-White B Bender


Here’s one you don’t see very often, a Gene Parsons installed Parsons-White B-Bender! Excellent tele spank and vintage cleans that sparkle just right when you put some hair on it!

The body and neck are original with some obvious modifications seen in the pics. Body has been routed for a humbucker and a cavity for some type of extra switch or knob, along with shielding paint applied through out the cavities. The fingerboard has been compound radiused for better play-ability but left unfinished and jumbo frets have been installed. The planing and refret were expertly done and only a small amount of milling on the Plek was used for the typical Fender fingerboard rise at the body. Pickups seem to be vintage Fender but not original to the guitar. The bridge pickup is flat-poled to accommodate for the flatter radiused board. Switch looks original as with some of the wiring and the treble bleed cap but the tone cap and pots are not original. The bridge plate has been changed to accommodate for the B-bender, which has been verified by Gene Parsons as an early to mid eighties bender that he installed himself. Tuners have been changed for Fatheads as well. Even with the non-original parts, the modifications and the rare B-Bender lend to a very special and amazing playing vintage Tele. Comes with what looks like a SG case, but fits perfectly. Appraisal from George Gruhn in pics, the serial numbers match to confirm that it is this guitar but he was under the assumption that it was 1969 instead of 1968.

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1968 Fender Telecaster w/Parsons-White B Bender:

Neck: Maple w/maple cap

Body: Ash

Frets: 21, jumbo PLEK’d

Tuners: Vintage Fatheads

Special Hardware: Gene Parsons installed Parsons-White B Bender