• Boulder Creek Acoustic Bass EBR3-N5F
  • Boulder Creek Acoustic Bass EBR3-N4
  • Boulder Creek Acoustic Bass EBR1-B4

Boulder Creek-smallBoulder Creek Guitars was the born from an idea that was developed over 15 years ago by Mike Shellhammer. Mike, having spent his life in the music industry as a musician, store owner and product developer felt that there was a better way to brace a guitar than what was considered standard. Mike’s idea was based on the theory that, if he was able to develop a suspended bracing system that would support the string tension of an acoustic instrument while leaving the soundboard intact, and moving the sound hole to the side of the guitar, it should sound better and create better tone and sustain. This idea was the birth of Boulder Creek Guitars.

Aluminum rods became the key component, as they provided the needed strength. “The aluminum rods transmit the strings vibration and energy throughout the body of the instrument creating a tone balance and sustain that have made Boulder Creek Acoustic instruments the award winning instruments that they are today” said Shellhammer.

The benefit to the musician is that Boulder Creek has developed an incredible sounding instrument that does not experience the same feedback issues associated with the “standard” acoustic guitar. Players and sound engineers alike rave about Boulder Creek instruments on stage because they are trouble free and do what they are supposed to do! Add to that a completely cool and different look, and you have an instrument that grabs the attention of any audience.

Boulder Creek’s patented SBS bracing system has re-written the books on acoustic instruments. The unique style, affordability and performance have taken a very young company to the forefront of the guitar world. Come in and see what has developed from the idea that Mike Shellhammer brought to life. Come see what you’ve been missing!