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Jeff Darby (via Facebook)


Made my first visit to the Crossroads Guitar Shop yesterday. I was very impressed with the quality of the custom guitars offered. Unbelievable value and quality. The finishes are amazing on every single guitar in the shop. And the PLEK machine? Whoa! You just don't find that in any other guitar shop. If you're thinking I buying a Gibson, Fender or other major brand, do yourself a favor and check this shop out first!!

Bill Vasso Pappas (via Facebook)


I brought in my #1, my #2 and my #3 strats to be Plek'd at Crossroads Guitar Shop. When I picked them up, All I can say is WOW. Plays like buttah!   Now I have three #1's!

John S. (Charlottesville, VA)

The [Gibson ES-137] guitar is awesome—everything plays beautifully and consistently from top to bottom. No more string buzz, choking on bends, or difficulty in adjusting everything. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Plek and Crossroads Guitar to anyone who needs more than just the usual adjustment and setting up to get their guitar playing right. Plus you shined up the guitar and got it looking great, which is above and beyond the call of duty and much appreciated.

Trevor B. (Lebanon, VA)

You guys are awesome and I’m excited to have such professional work done to my guitar. I appreciate the time and effort you’re putting into my guitar and really can’t thank you enough.

John S.

I wanted to thank you and the guys in the shop today for the outstanding customer service. I was treated like an adult even though I'm a "newbie". I didn't feel pressured to buy or get "upsold" on a service I didn't need. You weren't even going to charge for the nut filing or minor adjustments. I wasn't embarrassed. It's hard today to find a business that treats customers as individuals and not just another number towards the "monthly sales goal". When I pick up my Vox, I'm going to drop off a Squier that I have to get Plek and setup also. Thanks.

Eric Schlam (via Facebook)

Singing the praises of Crossroads Guitar Shop!!! Got my tele back after being Plecked—plays like a dream. Thank you Vince Nettuno!!! If anyone needs any work done on your axe, Vince is your guy.

Reggie Moses

Just picked up my "Swirl" Strat from Crossroads Guitar Shop. I got it PLEK'ed, and as usual it plays SUPERB ! The action up & down the neck is OUTSTANDING ! The performance of this guitar MINDBLOWING !!! To all my guitar playing friends, get your guitar PLEK'ed. And get it PLEK'ed at Crossroads Guitar Shop. KILLER service, friendly atmosphere & just REAL COOL guys. These cats are professionals & they know what they're doing. Getting you axe PLEK'ed is the one thig you gotta do. Trust me on this...PLEK YOUR GUITAR!

John Reilly (via Facebook)

What an amazing store! I love the eclectic mix of guitars, and the PLEK...machine makes the action on those beautiful babies even better!!

David Miller (via Facebook)

Been meaning to thank you for the awesome job on my 12 string Breedlove! My nephew brought it in to get Pleked and it is like butter.

Playing Mantis (via Facebook)

Thanks to Aaron for hooking up my Danny Gatton Tele. It almost plays like butter. But we all know Tele's are different. Great Job. Tele folks, take her to Crossroads GS for the yearly tuneup.

Crossroads Guitar Shop