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plek-pro-photo-smallNext to the tone, the playability is one of the most important characteristics that determines the quality of a musical instrument. The Plek process guarantees the best possible string action for each instrument, matching the individual style of the musician. A guitar with optimized playability just sounds better: the strings do not strike the frets during playing and any intonation problems that may occur due to too low a string action are eliminated.


Quicker production and maximum quality

The Plek pro has been developed for use in guitar production and service/repair as a tool that not only performs precise fret dressing but also assists quality control and R&D. Plek pro speeds up the production and service processes and raises instrument quality to an extremely high and consistent level. It is a computer-controlled device that scans and dresses guitars under actual playing conditions, strung and tuned to pitch. This is a major breakthrough, since Plek pro not only identifies precisely what needs to be done for perfect fingerboard and fretwork, but also executes the adjustments to deliver perfect results on each instrument.


The Mountain States Exclusive Plek Pro Service Provider

plek logo smallThe Plek pro has been at the core of our guitar and bass repair and maintenance services. For almost every refurbishment project, the Plek is our go-to system for measurements and diagnostic, truss rod adjustments, fret dressing, fingerboard planing, fret slot, nut cutting and much more. The Plek Pro can measure and execute as precise as 0.00004″. Find out more about what a Plek pro service can do for you.

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