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Italia Guitars

  • Jeffery Foskett Signature 12-String w/on-board compressor
  • Italia Mondial Guitar
  • Maranello "61
  • Italia Rimini Guitar

italia-new-logoNothing much new for years, then along comes a big smack-in-the-face range of guitars and basses by the name of Italia. Blending the best of design with a pinch of Italian style and lashings of retro-chic, this magnificent selection of outlandish, off-the-wall, post-modern masterpieces has been a labour of love for Britain’s leading guitar designer and craftsman, Trev Wilkinson, along with Korea's great guitar manufacturer, Mirr Music CO.,LTD

Players of all styles will love these instruments – and those who don’t play guitar or bass will want to start learning.


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