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Northern Virginia's Premiere Independent Guitar Shop

Home of the Mid Atlantic's only Plek pro. Located in Falls Church, Virginia.


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“Smokey”, The New CGS Bass

Posted on Jul 19 by

We’ve just built a new custom CGS bass, “Smokey”. She’s a ’57-’58 “P” bass with premium hardware, including a David Allen pickup,...


V.V.T. Amps at Crossroads Guitar Shop

Posted on Jul 10 by

Attention Tone Seekers! Our buddies at V.V.T. amps in Waldorf, MD will be showcasing an assortment of their handmade Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifiers at Crossroads Guitars. Mark...


New Tube Amps: Devilcat

Posted on Jun 5 by

We have brand new amps, just in! Crossroads Guitars is the newest authorized dealer for Devilcat Amplifiers, an American made boutique amplifiers company focusing on high-quality...

  • GREEN TAG SALE! Want to get your hands on a Stonebridge? How about a Walden? A Sublime Electric? We've marked down some beautiful guitars. C'mon out now y'hear? And, don't forget, this Saturday, V.V.T. Amps our friends from Maryland, will be doing an in store demo at our humble abode from 10am-2pm. Hope to see your face in our place!

    July 30

  • Checkout the new Reverend Guitars!

    Guitar World stopped by the Reverend Guitars booth to check out some new gear at the Summer 2014 NAMM show.

    July 23

  • Our buddy at Metro Guitar Service has this........

    July 23

  • I want to announce that we now have these instruments available here @CGS. Join the hottest new trend in Pop Music! Hurry in to get yours while supply last.

    Best thing you will watch today. #MJ would be proud

    July 20

  • July 17

  • July 11

  • Sell tickets online and at the door. No setup charge and low fees! Accept mail and phone orders. Cash and check transactions are FREE.

    July 11

  • July 11

  • Attention! Tone Seekers! Mark This Date: August 2nd 10am - 2pm Our buddies at V.V.T. amps in Waldorf, MD will be showcasing an assortment of their handmade Vintage Vacuum Tube Amplifiers in our humble abode. With the likes of Rick Derringer, Jack Pearson, Lindey Fralin, Tom Principato and The Nighthawks as product endorses, it's no wonder why these cats have now been an industry standard since 2001. CGS will have refreshments and munchies and you provide your ears. Hope to see your face in our place! Rock on! See you Saturday August 2nd!

    Play guitar. Rock the planet!

    July 09

  • Hey Ehrbody! Guess what we resurrected from the dead? Check it yo' 1961 Kay Value Leader Guitar and K504 Vibrato Leader Amp. They sound incredible, c'mon in now ya' hear?

    July 02

  • Brother, you are one talented dude! Proud to call you "friend!" At BB King's.

    June 25

  • I just had my 60's classic player MIM Strat fitted with David Allen 60s Rock & Blues pickups - incredible! What a great improvement in tone from the crappy stock pickups. Thanks to CGS for recommending these. They have a full-sounding warm vintage tone, like I remember from pre-CBS 1960s strats. Thanks also to Aaron for wiring the tone knob to the bridge and middle pickups for no extra labor charge. Now I can dial down the extra treble in the bridge pickup and get nice Sultans of Swing and Sweet Home Alabama tones without the excess "quack" in the in-between bridge/middle position. Aaron, you're a class act! Crossroads Guitar Shop is the best!

    June 21

  • John Jennings, long time writer, producer, and band member with Mary Chapin Carpenter is battling kidney cancer. Wear this shirt to show your support at the Tribute and Benefit for John Jennings at the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club on July 20, 2014. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these sh…

    June 18

  • Hello All! As a local, privately-owned business there are times in which we incur unexpected operations costs to run the business. In our shopping center, ALL of the businesses here have just received a letter, announcing a 14% increase in monthly rent, effective July 1st. Unfortunately, when this happens we have to raise pricing of our services and products, It's just the nature of the beast. Regardless, Crossroads Guitar Shop will never compromise in providing you the best service and quality guitars and basses. We apologize in advance for the raise in price but to be competitive, it's sometimes necessary to follow the herd. Ya' heard? Love, Vince, Aaron, Rich and David.

    June 14

  • Thanks again for the fun hang and great lasagna.

    June 11

  • Shout out to Vince and Aaron at Crossroads Guitar Shop for re-wiring Blake's 1967 hagstrom viking

    June 07

  • Ever wonder what Aaron and Rich's band sounded like? Or, better yet, did you know that Aaron and Rich had a band together? Thing3 is their name and they back Jack!

    June 06

  • This just in from David Allen Pickups....... Yea we got em!

    TechD. Allen Hot Vintage Tele pickupsBy Jamie Wolfert@tonereportMay 01, 20141 CommentsYouTubeComments1 Before David Allen of D. Allen Pickups began designing and building his own high-end aftermarket guitar pickups in California's Bay Area, he was a research scientist for NASA specializing in, natur…

    June 06

  • More info on the Devilcats, Crossroads newest amp brand!

    New Tube Amps: DevilcatPosted by admin on Jun 5, 2014 in NEWSWe have brand new amps, just in! Crossroads Guitars is the newest authorized dealer for Devilcat Amplifiers, an American made boutique amplifiers company focusing on high-quality affordable tube amplifiers. All Devilcats are built in their…

    June 05

  • June 01

  • Another CGS family addition....a HAPPY Reverend Guitars owner, a new Gil Paris Signature guitar. — with Jim Jacobs.

    June 01

  • One of my All time favorites! I remember sitting in the floor at their show at the Alexandria Roller Rink ....BITD

    June 01

  • We're also known a "The House of Reverend". Come see why this weekend!

    The House of ReverendPosted by admin on May 30, 2014 in NEWSWe’re commonly known as Crossroads Guitar Shop, but some call us the House of Reverend. Reverend Guitars and Basses, that is. We love these awesome guitars from Ken Haas and Joe Naylor and their team in Detroit. And, we’re the only authoriz…

    May 31

  • Crossroads Guitar Shop is the kind of music store you enjoy going to. The staff knows what their stuff and are incredibly helpful. They are willing to talk guitars without seeing their customers as dollar signs. I purchased a Reverend Club King and had them give my Taylor the Pleck treatment. I'll definitely be doing business with these guys for a long time. Keep up the outstanding work!

    May 28

  • To all Veterans that I have met, have not met or will meet in the future.... Thank you for your sacrifice to protect my life, my family's lives and saving American lives, Thank you for your service! Happy Memorial Day

    May 25

  • The balls in y'alls court, because we're serving this beauty up for sale. 2007 Gibson Flying V Robot. Robot you ask? Yes, robot. It automatically tunes to 440, open G, open D...etc,etc. It's been Plek'd and set up of course and just for giggles we sent it to Gibson to get everything reworked and replaced if it needed it. Technically, it's used but visually and playability wise it's brand spanking new. $1000.00 OBO and again, no phone calls please, come visit us...we don't bite. Not that much at least.

    May 24

  • And we got em!

    May 23

  • This is how we do it!

    Tom Britt visits Glaser Instruments in Nashville, TN, where he is shown how the computerized Plek machine does frett dress & setup.

    May 21

  • Love my new Sensei. Thank you for the always great work. I have a really bad cold and still I've been happy as hell this weekend. Got at Crossroads Guitar Shop

    May 19

  • Special order. Set up perfectly as always. Thanks guys. Loving this guy

    May 19

  • This collection of photos are of the ever so growing customer list that we're accumulating. We just call them family.

    May 18

  • And yet another one joins the CGS family! Congratulations Mike Dandini, the proud owner of a new Sublime Millenia. Guitars are just hopping off the walls and rolling to new homes. It's a great day America!

    May 17

  • This happy fellow is Danny Norris and he's smiling because he just picked up his new Lag T66DCE. And, as a new student to music, Danny's ready to take on lesson's, practicing chords, scales and the occasional groupie. Congratulation Danny and welcome to the CGS family!

    May 17

  • Proud owner of a brand new, killer Reverend Spacehawk

    May 15

  • You snooze, you lose. Hiram Gonzalez is the New Happy owner of this Duesenberg from CGS!

    May 14

  • New stable of Reverend Guitars just arrived!

    May 14

  • New Duesenberg DTV-CPL Creamy Pearloid just arrived!

    May 14